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Kidz ZoneJesus loves the little children!

Jesus said,
"Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them;
for of such is the kingdom of heaven. And He laid His hands on them..."

Matt. 19:14-15



Our commitment to children...


We believe that childhood is the best time for people to receive the Gospel and experience God through His life-changing power! We believe that when a child receives Christ as Savior, they receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit...the same Holy Spirit an adult receives at conversion, not a junior version! Children desire to have powerful encounters with God, even as adults do.

Through Godly content, creative teaching methods, resources, caring leadership, warm environment and life experiences,our children's ministry team will equip your child(ren) with a heart-felt knowledge of the Bible & a deeply personal relationship with God!  We believe the scriptures of the entire Bible are the inspired Word of God and children should memorize as many as they possibly can!  We believe that the Bible is the divine authority for our faith and our beliefs and we utilize drama, skits, and role-play to apply the Word practically to their lives. Object lessons often use fun,inflatable objects ie. telephones, boxing gloves or spacemen, to puppets and costumes, crafts and even science experiments!

So children are taught all the Christian disciplines such as prayer, witnessing, learning God's Word, worship, spiritual gifts and more!  Our intent is to present Christ and His church in such a way that firm foundations are laid and faith is grounded EARLY in life, so that when they grow up, they are established and firmly rooted in their faith.

Children will learn that God loves them and is their Best Friend.  They will learn that God gave them parents to care for them and teach them... and that they should obey their parents!  Children learn what sin is and that they can be forgiven.  And children learn to show God's love to others!

Our children enjoy field trips to the hospital or nursing homes where they hand out free flowers to the sick and pray for them!  They are taken to neighborhoods and other special places where they are taught to prayer-walk and to intercede.  They learn to share their faith at school and with their friends.

Our children's worship team (that's right! children singing and playing instruments!) lead worship for children and adults, while other children express their worship in singing, art and dance!

Finally, children's ministry is not complete without parents who partner with us to teach, train and equip children to do the work of Christ.  Our desire is to come alongside parents to empower them to lead their children to Jesus throughout their lives!



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