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It’s no secret that one of the most dynamic, most emotional, most critical years of our lives is when we are teenagers! And we live in an age where hormone-driven teens make split-second decisions that can either make or break them for the rest of their lives!

That’s why at CCF we are completely committed to equipping young people with the right Truth; that when the moment of reality comes and an instant decision is required, they have the character, knowledge, and fortitude to choose wisely!

Youth Ministry It’s during these formative years that youth face a barrage of outside forces that want to take control, from media that lures them into premarital sex, illegal alcohol and drugs, to their peers who pressure them into risk-filled behavior. It’s no wonder that Hitler formed his Youth Core and the Taliban trains it’s children for suicide missions… they have one thing in common: the understanding that the passions of youth, trained and harnessed in a certain direction, can produce adults bent to travel a certain path.

If you’re a parent of a teenager, you’re probably desperate for something or someone to come alongside you and help you guide your child through this time in their lives! Suddenly they have become someone you don’t know and seem to resist everything you say or have ever said! And that’s why you’re reading this page now, because you’re on a mission to find that Something or SomeOne!

That Something or SomeOne is Jesus Christ! He has always been the answer and will always be! His ways are never outdated and are always the right choice!

That’s why at the center of every youth activity whether it’s volleyball or an all-you-can-eat-pizza party or an all-out shaving cream war~ whether it’s personal discipleship or intense worship or spirit-filled teaching ~ whether it’s leadership training or youth-led home groups ~you’ll find Jesus Christ the center at CCF!

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