House of Prayer

At the very heart of Celebration Community Fellowship is our desire to capture 
the “spirit” of the Tabernacle of David, the restoration of which was prophesied
in Amos 9:11-13, and in Acts 15:15-58.

King David’s heart & desire was to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord forever (Psalm 27:4). 
Because of his passion for God’s manifest presence, the Lord used David to
bring the Ark of the Covenant back to its central place in the midst of God’s people.

Eventually, he erected a tent on Mt. Zion & the Ark was brought there
in order to establish a place for God’s people to
worship in His presence without being consumed.
David then set aside certain families of the Levites to do nothing
but learn to play instruments, study the Word of God, & devote themselves
to night & day worship & intercession around the Ark of the Covenant,
ministering first & primarily to the Lord. This brought unity to the nation of Israel &
all the enemies of God and His people were subdued.

The result is a release of God’s authority, power, beauty, and love in the earth!
There will be a greater anointing for unity as well as a greater authority in preaching & witnessing.

A great harvest of souls will come as we seek to establish on earth what is literally the ministry of heaven!
His Word to us in Isaiah 56:7 will be fulfilled—

Even then I will bring them to My holy mountain, and make them joyful in My house of prayer.
Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be accepted on My altar; For My house shall be called
a house of prayer for all nations.”

House of Prayer meets the second & fourth Wednesday evening

every month at 7:00pm

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