Life Groups

The life-group ministry at Celebration Community Fellowship is the heart of its ministry. Since August, 2000, CCF has pastored its members through many small group meetings throughout Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Lee's Summit, and Oak Grove. Led by CCF believers, the groups meet weekly in homes, on the jobs, at school or at any other convenient location!

The weekly small-group meetings include relevant teachings in which the Word of God is shared in a simple and practical way. The groups also serve an evangelistic purpose, since members are encouraged to bring lost friends and relatives with them to the meetings. In the small-group format, members find an intimate setting where they can grow in their relationships with both God and other people.

The goal of the small groups is to help each member grow to his or her fullest potential in Christ. CCF's small groups have blessed the lives and enriched the personal relationships of many believers, young and old!

The bottom line is that small groups are all about life and community as they become the  eyes, ears, mouth and hands of Jesus! 

We had given up on church. We had attended when we were young, but too many things had happened that soured our attitudes toward “those hypocrite church people” and so we just quit going. But our marriage got to a place where we just fought all the time, we were in financial ruin, and everyday things were growing worse. Then, while we were attending the Fall Fun Fest, we ran into an old school friend who invited us to CCF. You could just see the dramatic change in this guy’s life, so we decided to give CCF a try. It was at a fall bon-fire that Ben accepted Christ as Savior, and our lives have changed dramatically! Our marriage has never been stronger, our children are happier and are learning about God by leaps and bounds, and we are enrolled in Bible college to further our degrees in Biblical Counseling and ministry…CCF provides such an atmosphere of love and acceptance and encouragement to pursue God that our lives have quite literally been transformed! The people aren’t perfect, but that’s the beauty of it, they know it! 

We were both adopted as infants and grew up with religious backgrounds.  But it was only when we came to CCF that we discovered that religion can’t change a thing in this life or the next, and that only a true relationship with Jesus Christ can save a life! We were married at a really young age and disillusioned by “churchianity,” we just quit going. Life was hard enough with small children and only one income. Ray was working in a local restaurant when he met a man from CCF whose love for God was so contagious that Ray finally gave his heart and life to Jesus! We’re unable to attend on Sunday’s but we wouldn’t miss the Wednesday night couple’s group that gives us a chance to worship and grow together while our children flourish in their faith by attending Kidz Club! Nothing could replace the love and family we have found at CCF! We praise God for placing us in this church where people have reached out to us and have blessed us in ways too numerous to say… and it’s a place where we can give away our lives to be a blessing to others! 

It seems that this is a generation of people who, for one reason or another, have become hurt or disillusioned or frustrated with church, but not necessarily with God. It’s a generation that has walked away from the faith of our fathers and would rather stay home Sunday mornings and read the paper or perhaps catch a television preacher than get all dressed up to be a number in a church service that’s geared to entertain. That’s what happened to us. It was on Mother's Day that we attended church service at CCF at my mother's request.  That was all she wanted for Mother's Day. You can’t imagine our joy to find a church so down-to-earth…where people are real and not plastic…where you wear what you have (whether jeans or dress)… where love and generosity flows and if you screw up, you can find genuine forgiveness. No one is trying to impress anyone. It’s just a place where the beating heart of Jesus draws those in need of Savior, those who need healing either physical or emotional… people just like us. And it’s a place where God can use us to reach our community for Jesus! 

We both grew up in church and so we have all the normal church experiences such as Sunday School and vacation Bible school and Sunday morning service. But we both have a passion to reach out to the poor,,, to those who aren’t as fortunate as others. We also were looking for a family-type church where our children would love coming to church and would really learn, not just have fun. When God brought us to CCF, we felt like we had finally “come home.” The church vision to disciple and just accept people where they were in life really touched our hearts. But when we adopted that first family at Christmas to bless as a congregation, we were in tears of joy and amazement at the generosity of this body of believers! And we’re talking about people who don’t have much themselves! There were boxes of food and Christmas presents that were just so much that we took on a second family! And the Fall Fun Fest outreach where we get out into the community and really reach out to people…well, it was like we had put our hands into a glove with a perfect fit! We both love the Lord and want our lives to count for His glory… and serving Him at CCF has given us a chance to demonstrate our love for Him! 

When we first came to CCF we were very blessed to find a church that really seemed to care. But when different needs arose like sickness and surgery, someone was there with home-made chicken soup and a hug… and when we moved into our new home, we were overwhelmed at the folks that showed up to help! We were told that we couldn't have children, so when God blessed us with our little girl, we were beside ourselves with joy.  And when the second pregnancy was threatened, the CCF family laid hands on us and prayed that God would give us a healthy baby!  And he is and He has!  We are so blessed to find a church that believes in the Word of God and actually practices what He commanded us to do! We grew up in small town USA and this church really is like that, just a community of people who live and learn and love together! We feel like we've come home…


Funny how long offense can last.  We both grew up in church but just over 20 years ago some things happened in church that really hurt us. The easiest thing to do was stay home and "watch church" on TV.  Then we met the pastor's son one summer and we were so impressed with this young man's spirit that when he invited us to church, well we went and we've been there ever since!  Then we lost our son, our one and only son.  His death shook us to the very core of our beings, but the family of CCF came around us and loved us through it... and continues to walk with us  God's love isn't a sermon, it's a life-style that flows from this church.  No church is perfect, but this church has been perfectly what we have needed.

I never darkened the door of a church.  To me those people were just a bunch of hypocrites.  But then one day my insurance agent invited me to her church for brunch.  She had always been so kind to me that I thought I'd try it.  Well, that was years ago and now I try to never miss church!  I especially like the first-Sunday brunch when we all bring breakfast items and share a meal together.  When my house needed some paint and some renovations all the men AND women showed up in force to help me out! They call me "grandpa Seth" and I truly feel like I'm part of a family that truly cares about me.


By the time we’d found each other and been married, we’d both made a lot of mistakes in this life. Scarred by past marriages and broken promises and a hard lifestyle, we were broken in so many ways. But we love what Pastor Gordon often says, that we’re all broken, just in different places. It seems our family has had struggles with sickness and other problems that would have overwhelmed us had it not been for the prayers and love of our CCF church family. 




If you have never attended a small group and need help in finding one, contact us!

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