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Youth Ministry

Passonate Teen Ministry


It’s no secret that one of the most dynamic, most emotional, most critical years of our lives is when we are teenagers! And we live in an age where hormone-driven teens make split-second decisions that can either make or break them for the rest of their lives!

That’s why at CCF we are completely committed to equipping young people with the right Truth; that when the moment of reality comes and an instant decision is required, they have the character, knowledge, and fortitude to choose wisely!

Youth Ministry It’s during these formative years that youth face a barrage of outside forces that want to take control, from media that lures them into premarital sex, illegal alcohol and drugs, to their peers who pressure them into risk-filled behavior. It’s no wonder that Hitler formed his Youth Core and the Taliban trains it’s children for suicide missions… they have one thing in common: the understanding that the passions of youth, trained and harnessed in a certain direction, can produce adults bent to travel a certain path.

If you’re a parent of a teenager, you’re probably desperate for something or someone to come alongside you and help you guide your child through this time in their lives! Suddenly they have become someone you don’t know and seem to resist everything you say or have ever said! And that’s why you’re reading this page now, because you’re on a mission to find that Something or SomeOne!

That Something or SomeOne is Jesus Christ! He has always been the answer and will always be! His ways are never outdated and are always the right choice!

That’s why at the center of every youth activity whether it’s volleyball or an all-you-can-eat-pizza party or an all-out shaving cream war~ whether it’s personal discipleship or intense worship or spirit-filled teaching ~ whether it’s leadership training or youth-led home groups ~you’ll find Jesus Christ the center at CCF!

Men's Ministries


At CCF we've been rethinking men's ministry. It's ironic... you can't get a man to take time off from work or family to attend another meeting, just to tell him that he needs to spend more time with his family and excel at his work! So when you can get a group of men to meet weekly to worship & study the Word in small group, something must be pretty special to keep them coming back... and our men wouldn't miss their weekly meetings together for just about anything! Learning to be transparent about their lives, sharing personal life details and receiving prayer and ministry, well, these things don't just happen unless you've developed a safe atmosphere where what's shared with the group, stays with the group... where deep friendship and honest relationship are being built... and where spiritual growth is encouraged and each step forward is applauded and Christ is glorified!

Sure, we have work days at the church, men's breakfasts and retreats & outreach, but the strength of the men's ministry is built on 1st century discipleship... just building relationships that say, "Let's come alongside one another while we walk this season of life together and maybe my strengths will help you, and your strengths will help me, and together we can experience real friendship in Christ."


As a middle-aged single man, I wondered how I might fit into a church teaming  with younger families and children, but I have to say that I have finally found a place to call home! I wouldn’t miss our men’s group that meets weekly. We’re just a regular group of guys from all walks of life, enjoying learning about God and each other. I have really felt like I’ve been growing in my walk with God and I can honestly say that sharing my life with others has encouraged me and challenged me!


 As a young man I wanted to attend seminary but was told that I shouldn't.  I've always felt the call of God on my life, but going to church just wasn't for me.  In fact, I hadn't been in church for years when my neighbor invited me to CCF.  The minute I walked in the door, I knew this was different than any other church I remembered.  People were so friendly!  It wasn't long before God was once again calling me to serve Him. I'd never been discipled before and I believe that has made all the difference. Now, I have built relationships with some guys and I disciple them.  My hunger to know God and grow in Him has intensified and I am so thankful that God brought me to a church where men have become my mentors and closest friends!


I practically grew up in church and when the opportunity to go to Hong Kong as a missionary came up, I was eager to go.  Little did I know how ill-prepared I was spiritually for such a task.  When I finally returned to the states, I was burned out and far away from God.  Instead, I married a beautiful Chinese woman and had two children.  My life was all about making money and success.  I became a corporate executive, but my personal life was in shambles.  Finally, lying face down on the basement floor of my home, I cried out in desperation to God to help me.  I didn't know how He was going to move, so when my wife first told me about CCF, I wasn't really excited about going.  In fact, I'd worked most Sundays for years and didn't like the idea of getting up early on the weekend to do anything, let alone go to church!  But it was the relationship with a spiritual father and mother that totally turned my life around and helped me return to my faith in God.  Through the ministry of CCF my marriage is restored and my relationship with my wife and children is incredible!  How I thank God that He never gave up on me!


 As I was growing up at home with my parents, we always went to a big local church.  But the pastor always seemed to be preaching over my head, so I never paid attention to what he was saying.  Instead, I'd draw on the Sunday morning bulletin until church was over.  Later my parents sent me to a church youth camp.  I was about 16 years old when I prayed a prayer to save me, but I really think I was just talked into it.  When I grew up and moved out on my own, I quit going to church altogether.  Then I heard that Pastor Gordon had started a new church. When I visited this church I knew I liked it.  Honestly, I never really knew much about the Bible, but I have grown to love it so much that I am reading it some on my own.  Finally I believed what Jesus had done for me and I gave my life to Him!  On April 30th, 2006 I let the world know that I had truly been saved by getting baptized!  The Lord has used me (and my truck!) over and over again to help people move, to haul landscape materials, and help take the Fall Fun Fest booth to the festival.  And I am so blessed that these little things matter to God and that He loves me!

Women's Ministries

As women we have so many demands placed on us... wife, mother, daughter, career woman, stay-at-home mom, friend... our lives are filled with daily duties and expectations from others that all too often, we don't take time to know who we really are and what we were really created to be. There's this place deep inside that longs for something or someone, and we end up trying to fill that hunger with anything that seems to satisfy it... at least for a time... and then it's back again.

Our husbands are clueless. They recognize that something's missing, and all they know is that no matter how hard they try, they can't fill that need...


Our families feel the pressure it creates, but they are consumed with fulfilling their own needs...

Our girlfriends can identify with the feeling, and every once in a while you meet a woman who not only knows what you're talking about, she completely identifies with that longing...

So, what is it?

Perhaps it's best described in the story of Martha and Mary.

These two sisters really loved Jesus and would often have Him and His disciples in their home.

Can you imagine having Jesus to dinner?

Everything would have to be perfect: the food... the house... the decorations... your outfit...

And when He finally arrived, Martha wasn't done making everything perfect.

She was still fussing with things in the kitchen...

But Mary just stopped everything and sat down at the feet of Jesus to listen...

And that's it.

That's the thing that's missing in our lives...

We're longing for Him... for Jesus.

We're longing for the time to just sit and listen...

We're longing for the time to Hear His Voice...

We're hungry to share His Presence, in the center of our homes and our lives, with our family, friends and loved ones... We just need more of Him!

So whether it's a weekly women's home group, or a lady's retreat... a fondue party, BBQ, or homeschool outing...at CCF our women take the time to make Jesus the Center... We just take the time to "Come Away, My Beloved" (from the Song of Solomon) and to drink deeply of His Presence.

And then, refreshed and renewed, we pour Him out to our husbands, our children, our family, our friends and our co-workers... and who we are and what He has called us to be and do becomes more focused, more balanced, and much more enjoyable!


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